April Nutrition Notes: Portion Control

Choosing healthier foods and smaller portions are key to staying healthy. Making these changes can be difficult if we are not aware of the proper information. This month’s lesson will provide the proper tools to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The first step is to review the concept of a “portion” vs. a “serving size.” The amount of food that you choose to eat is called a “portion.” Each “portion” may change based on whether you are eating a snack or a meal. While we all require different amounts of food to fuel our bodies, we should pay attention to our portions and compare them to the recommended “serving sizes.”

By understanding serving sizes, we will be able to better determine what our portions should be. Remember that appropriate serving sizes help us get the right amount of nutrients and calories thus helping us maintain a healthy weight.

We can use everyday items to help us see what serving sizes should really look like.


For more information, please see our Bilingual Portion Control Tip Card PortionControl


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