cold     For all those looking for thermometers, here are some options. . .

Home Depot: Freezer Thermometer –Price: $5.48

Lowes: Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer- Price: $4.98

Walmart: Taylor Digital Thermometer- Price: $9.30

Amazon: True temp thermometer- Price: $5.99

Ace Hardware: Taylor refrigeration thermometer- Price: $8.49

Target: Taylor 2-pack Refrigerator/freezer- Price: $6.99

1st row (left to right)- Home Debot, Ace Hardware

2nd row (left to right)- Amazon, Target

3rd row (left to right)- Lowes, Walmart

These stores also sell other kinds, be sure to check them out. For these- click on the image to go to website. .

therm4 therm2 therm1 therm 6 therm 5 therm 3


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