March Agency Spotlight- Jacob’s Heart

jacobs hearttoppic    Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the hospital and the doctor says “Your child has cancer”- it’s a devastating scenario, but sadly happens to many families. Cancer creates an instant impact in a family, it is a shocking discovery to know that your child has cancer. The road to recovery and coping with cancer can be hard, luckily there are places like “Jacob’s Heart” that can help. It provides family-centered care that addresses the emotional, practical and financial struggles for families of children and teens during treatment. Jacob’s Heart has one mission: to provide support to parents and families of children with cancer in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and South Santa Clara counties.

As you enter Jacob’s Heart and pass the front desk you’ll notice hundreds of pictures of children they support. It’s a heart-warming entrance that highlights how much Jacob’s Heart cares for families. Throughout the colorful rooms are hardworking volunteers that provide incredible service to helping the families. There are rooms filled with blankets quilted for the families. They have a room brimmed with toys for the young kids. In the heart of this establishment, there is an arts and crafts area; here volunteers create cards and gifts for each of the cancer families. The whole establishment shows how passionate they are in providing all they can for parents and families who have children with cancer.

Jacob’s Heart provides an immense amount of services that are dedicated to helping the families. They provide bilingual counseling, grief support, financial assistance, transportation, and much more. Jacob’s heart even has a pantry run by Janet Krupa who’s worked for Jacob’s Heart for 3 years. Janet serves 65 to 85 families bi-weekly, providing organic produce and a variety of different products. Second Harvest is proud in providing Jacob’s Heart with the food they need for all the families they serve.



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