Agency Spotlight- Janus of Santa Cruz

    Janus of Santa Cruz

Second Harvest Food Bank is proud to work with Janus of Santa Cruz. This organization has been, for 40 years (40-year anniversary this year!), helping people recover from addiction. Janus of SC was founded in 1976 by physician Dr. Robert G. O’Brien. In 1981 Janus became a private non-profit organization that serves over 2,500 clients and families each year. This organization has one mission: to provide supportive, hope-inspiring and successful substance abuse services in a professional and compassionate environment while assisting individuals and families on their journey toward wellness and recovery.

Janus of SC provides A LOT of different programs, co-occurring disorder treatment including:

  • Detoxification
  • In patient/outpatient treatment
  • Perinatal services
  • DUI education
  • Medication assisted treatments
  • Supervise sober living environments

We, at the Foodbank, get to work with Nate Calderon. Nate is the natesmilingatcamerajanusFood Service Coordinator at Janus. Coming this October Nate will celebrate 3 years at Janus of Santa Cruz. He and his staff provide fresh, healthy food for many residents and for the several programs Janus offers. Nate introduces fruits and vegetables as the basic staple in every meal. Whenever Nate arrives he goes straight to work, picking up his order and getting a few things at the distribution center. Nate and his staff understand that Fast Food and unhealthy eating habits are easy to fall into; He works hard to not only provide nutritious meals, but to re-introduce fruits and vegetables as the right and primary choice. “People wouldn’t normally be eating this many fruits and vegetables. We are offering a healthier alternative and promoting good health.” – Nate. Doing this, Nate says he and his staff are “planting the seed”, hoping that whenever residents leave the supervised sober living environments they can take healthy/nutritious food with them rather than falling back into the possible un-healthy habits they arrived in. Second Harvest Food Bank agrees with Nate and his team 100%.


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