May Nutrition Post- Hydration

The Earth is covered in it (about 72%), 2/3 of your body is filled with it, and on hot summer days we can’t get enough of it- its water!waterbeingpoured

Water helps in more ways than quenching your thirst, water:

  • Helps keep our body temperature normal
  • Lubricates joints
  • Removes waste through perspiration, urination, bowel movement
  • Protects delicate tissues such as the spinal cord

It’s no surprise our body is constantly losing water. If you have headaches, that may be a sign of dehydration. Hopefully you never get to that point. It’s important to continuously drink water. Another cool fact is that you can eat fruits to help rehydrate! Fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, and celery have a high amount of water.

Water helps:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • A great substitute to sugary beverages
  • Hydrates and improves brain function
  • Increases energy, prevents muscle weakness
  • Replaces fluids when we’re sick
  • Improves digestion
  • And helps with healthy skin

There are three types of water we can learn about when drinking it…


Bottled Water: If there are no special methods of filtration, it might be tap water you are paying extra money for.

Filtered Water: An improved taste in tap water

Tap Water: Contains a partial amount fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay.

Let’s see how water compares with other well-bought beverages.

Drink (12-ounce serving) Teaspoons of Sugar Calories
Bottled Water 0 teaspoons 0
Energy Drink 2 1/3 teaspoons 140
Sports Drink 2 teaspoons 75
Lemonade 6¼ teaspoons 105
Orange Juice 7½ teaspoons 160
Sweet Tea 8½ teaspoons 120
Powdered Drink Mix (with sugar) 9 teaspoons 145
Cola 10¼ teaspoons 150
Fruit Punch 11½ teaspoons 195
Root Beer 11½ teaspoons 170
Grape Juice 12 teaspoons 200
Orange Soda 13 teaspoons 210


Did you know– $6.6 billion a year is spent on sugary drinks!

Make a habit of checking the ingredients in not just the water you buy, but any product. You’ll realize the sugary drinks you buy contain a lot more than just sugar, and the water you pay $6 might just be a $1 quality in fancier bottle.

So grab a cup or a bottle and fill it up with some H2o – your body NEEDS it. The more, the better, just look at those benefits!



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