Demographic Report

Here you will find the link for the 2013-2014 demographic report, which is due from all member agencies by October 31st, 2014. Please refer to the instructions below to complete it:

Demographic data information is extremely important as it is used for reporting to local government grant funders about the needs in our community and the work we are doing.  This information is also powerful in understanding who we serve and what geographical areas need more attention. Collecting reliable demographic data is a top priority, and also a contractual obligation as a member agency.

To have accurate client demographics, the surveys should be recorded for a one-month time period.  We ask that you please take the time to conduct the client survey with each of your clients for one month, found here:

Demographics Client Survey

The answers should then be added and total numbers for each question recorded in the demographic report.  You can assure your clients that all information collected is confidential, will only be asked of them once a year, and will help us show our grantors that our food bank and agency networks are helping the community and need their continued support.

If your agency has a database that keeps a record of demographic data, you can skip the client surveys and fill out the demographic report. Keep in mind that all fields in the report must be filled out; geographic area of residence, gender, age (if children are served), ethnicity, monolingual Spanish speaker, income level and agricultural workers.

Additional tips for filling out the demographic surveys:

  • Each client that is served during the month should fill out a survey. If you have multiple client visits in a month period, only have them fill out a second survey if they come to participate in a different program (ex.1 for Pantry and 1 for Congregate Feeding).
  • Please make sure that ALL questions are filled out on the survey; otherwise the totals for the report will not add up.
  • If your database does not collect information for a particular question, it cannot be left blank; please collect data survey data for that question.
  • SHFB can assist in  the survey for large distribution sites (please e-mail or call for support).
  • Please keep individual clients surveys for your records. The demographic report can be brought in to Second Harvest, e-mailed as an attachment, or mailed. Thank you!

Demographic Report


Demographics Report Ejemple

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