Food Safety

Attention All Agencies

The food safety requirements that are required are now available to fulfill at your convenience!

We have an online Food Safety Video- Learn all about Food Safety. Once you’re ready- take the test to full-fill your food safety requirements for a year.

Below is the Food Safety VIDEO:

Once your ready- take the test:

Click for Food Safety Test

The video will touch base on everything the test will present, so watching it (and taking notes) will allow you to Ace the test first try. Once you submit your test, you will be notified of a pass or fail. If passed, you will be notified and receive your certificate within the next couple days. If you fail, you must re-take the test. Scoring correct on all the answers will tell us that you are knowledgeable in food safety. So study up on the video, and take the test to earn your food safety certificate (that will last 1 year).

If you prefer to quietly read and learn, the food safety manual will touch base on everything as well:


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