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Menu of the Month

For those whom know or don’t know, we have a English and Spanish menu at the distribution center (located on the counter next to the door). I will post these menu’s and a small recipe card on the blog as well. Click on the highlighted sections below and it will open you up to the information.

Spanish Menu

English Menu

Chicken and Strawberry Spinach Salad Which is English and Spanish- Recipe Cards

If you have any fun recipes to share then by all means send them my way. I have a “Agency Recipe of the Month” (great recipes I tend to hear that agency representatives are cooking up).

Important Schedule Change

Important Information

Schedule change

We will be closed on:

Closed: April 21ST, 2016 (After shopping) through Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 for Inventory

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Second Harvest Food Bank will be closed on April 21st, 2016 (after morning shopping, 8-11am) through April 26th, 2016.

Shopping will resume on April 27th (Wednesday 8-11am)


2015 Holiday Chickens

Roast turkey on the plate2015 Holiday Chickens

Its that time of the year! Be sure to pick up an order form for Holiday Chicken information and ordering!

  • Remember food safety! Order what you will be able to store in the freezer
  • Orders will be available starting November 1st
  • Submit your order ASAP, first come- first serve, while chickens last!

An important note: Whole Frozen= 5.8lbs chickens are sold in full cases only, 12 chickens per case.

10 Annual Partner Agency Conference

10 Annual Partner Agency Conference

The Great Agency Conference was on October 19th, 2015, only a few days ago. To all those who couldn’t attend, you were missed. To all those who could, we’d like to thank you for attending and hope you had a great time.

The Partner Agency Conference went through a great deal in providing and presenting for Second Harvest Food Bank’s Agencies. In came Agency leaders and out came the Agents of Change.

diningpicIt went a little like this. .

With a self-serve breakfast snack (make your own parfait), each and all sat down to listen to the opening welcome of Willy Elliott from the Second Harvest Food Bank. Next came Rene Schaefer from twin lakes church. Rene spoke about a young boy who gave out little figures to people, only wanting a smile in return. Each of the tables at this conference had small little dinosaur figures in hopes that these would have the same effect on the diners. After Willie Stokes gave a speech, in came Sarah from MHCAN. Sarah had presented a small group of men and women called “Shadow Speakers”. These speakers talked about their personal struggle through life the importance of agencies/food distribution, in their case- MHCAN.

The workshops were not something to miss. This year we had 3 workshops presented by our SHFB staff:

  1. Agency Debrief: Kevin and Grace- Which had shown SHBF role with agencies.
  2. Food Safety 101: Tiffany and David- Presented the proper safety and sanitation instructions.
  3. Cal fresh 101: Yaceth, Sandy, and Sandra- debunked Cal fresh myths, and taught people how to get benefits.

Don’t forget the lunch! A buffet style make your own salad. It was delicious, the cooking team out did themselves. All the fruit, chicken, rolls and dressing were as fresh as they could be.

Lunch buffet ready for unwrapping

After Bob Norton came up on stage there was the “Food donor of the year award” to be handed out to Oroweat/Bimbo Bakeries USA. Oroweat has been supplying bread to the Second Harvest Food Bank and the less fortunate for years. After the awards, came the Cal Fresh Buddies peer panel. Joel and Sandra discussed with Denise (Salvation Army), Jennifer (Inner Light), and Luz (Davenport Recourse Center) the benefits of Cal Fresh. With them, we got to debunk myths and share light on how easy and helpful it is to apply people. With Agencies and Cal Fresh working together- who knows how many more people’s lives we’d change?

Oroweat/ Bimbo Bakeries USA award/group shot

The Partner Agency Conference was not something to miss. For those who did, you’ll want to come next year. Each Conference will have new things that will remind us why we are serving the community and help us to become even better at doing so. We’d like to thank ALL our agencies for helping the community and providing for the less fortunate. What you do is create memories and relationships with those you serve and create a permanent footstep in the locations you serve. In doing so- broken lives are mended, hungry mouths are fed- and the world slowly begins to change for the better.




Ana’s Farewell Letter to Agencies

Dear Agencies,

After four and a half rewarding years of working at Second Harvest Food Bank, I have decided to embark on a new career opportunity with the Philanthropy Department at Driscoll’s. My last day with SHFB will be March, 24. I am leaving with mixed feelings because I have met so many great people and organizations that are passionate about making a positive change for our community. My journey from volunteer, to CalFresh Outreach Worker, to Agency Relations Manager has been fulfilling, humbling and enlightening.

We are feeding hope and thus health and wellbeing. With this great responsibility in mind, I want to encourage partner agencies to continue to develop healthy food programs. This simply may mean limiting or eliminating pastries or sugary drinks; for others it will be incorporating nutrition education. Remember, you can find healthy recipes and nutrition education tip cards on this blog . Whatever the solution is for your agency, take advantage of the resources SHFB has to offer or propose new ideas.

I am very grateful to SHFB, partner agencies, clients and volunteers for contributing to my career and personal growth. I see our county with a new lens; in every neighborhood I can identify agencies that are planting seeds of hope and changing people’s lives. Seeing my community in such positive light is truly life changing. You are all exemplary leaders, thank you for inspiring me to be the same.

Lastly, I leave you in great hands with Grace Galvan, Director of Agency Network Services and Tiffany Wong, Agency Relations AmeriCorps. I know I will cross paths with many of you as we continue to build vibrant communities.

Most Sincerely,

Ana Mariela Melgoza